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Moretti cars based on third party mechanicals

Fiat 500 based cars

In 1957 Moretti released their first Fiat based car, a coupe based on the nuova 500. This was succeded in the following years by various other designs, always two-door coupes with the same floorpan and mechanicals. A 'Camping' version (sort of an estate) and a Spider version were also produced, as was a 595 'SS' Coupe which had a 595cc engine with 28bhp.
They also produced some front-engined estate versions, still using the 500 floorpan (front part) and engine, but with the latter transferred to the front to enable a much lower rear load area. At least two different styles were produced.
One example of an electric version of the 500 was also built, with batteries in both the front compartment and alongside the 3hp motor in the rear compartment. Unusually for an electric car it retained the normal four-speed gearbox together with the clutch pedal.
See also below for the 500 based Minimaxi cars.

Moretti Fiat 500 Coupe
Moretti Fiat 500 Coupe

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Fiat 600 based cars

The first Fiat 600 based car by Moretti was launched in 1958. It was a 2+2 coupe with the stying of the later Moretti 750 cars, including the contrasting colour stripe and grille. Also available were normal cars with just aesthetic modifications such as two-tone paintwork, modified trim and various fittings. The following year saw a four-door, three-box  saloon released, still with the styling of the Moretti 750 cars although this was the last of that line of styling. Later coupes (both 2+2 and four-seat) and spiders based on the 600 adopted various bodystyles. The 600 Multipla was also used by Moretti as the basis for various vans, trucks and minibuses.

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Fiat 1100/1300/1500 based cars

Moretti 1300/1500 Coupe and SpiderMoretti produced various cars based on these Fiat models. The 1100 was used as the starting-point for a four-seat coupe and a two-seat spider, an 1100 Coupe using the 1100H engine tuned to give 68bhp and with a tubular chassis, a four-seat hatchback coupe ('Weekend') based on the 1100D and a 2+2 coupe based on the 1100R.
Using the 1300/1500 they developed various coupes (at least six different designs), with both 2+2 and four-seat models and at least two different four-seat cabriolets. A 1500SS Coupe with a 92bhp engine was also produced.
Some light commercial vehicles were also built on the 1100 base.

Click here for a variety of pictures of different 1100/1300/1500 Coupés from Moretti.

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Fiat 1800/2300 based cars

Moretti 2300 CoupeAs was the already established trend, in the very late 1950s and the early 1960's Moretti also used the bigger Fiats (1800/2100 and 2300) to produce their special versions. These also featured tuned and modified engines.
Some models built included a 2100 Cabriolet, a 2200 Coupe, coupes and cabriolets available on either the 1800B or 2300 chassis, a 2300S Coupe and a 2500SS Coupe and Spider. These latter used the Fiat 2300 engine enlargened to 2454cc with 170bhp.

Moretti 2500SS
Moretti 2500SS being restored (1963)- picture thanks to Mark J.

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Fiat 850 based cars

Moretti 850 CoupeIn 1964 Moretti began working with the Fiat 850, releasing in that year a four-door three-box saloon, a two-door coupe (very similar to the 500 based design) and a spider. In 1965 the Sportiva emerged at the usual venue, the Turin Motorshow. It was powered by the 843cc engine with 47bhp, straight from the Fiat 850 and clothed in a body borrowing heavily from the design of the Dino spider. Versions were also available with an engine tuned by Giannini (70bhp) or a 982cc engine with 62bhp, the latter being known as the '1000SC'.
It was changed very slightly in 1968, then in 1969 the second series was released which featured new headlights and grille. Around 400 series I cars were built, and 300 series II. A four seat 'berlinetta sportiva' was also built, which had similar styling to the 2 seat coupe (see picture below).

Moretti 850 Sportiva (first series)
Moretti 850 Sportiva (second series)

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Fiat 124 based cars

Moretti 124 Coupe (5-seater) - picture thanks to Mark J.At the Turin Motorshow of 1966 Moretti first showed a 124 based coupe. It began production in 1966, with some revised features relative to the show-car of the previous year. It was available either with the 1197cc (60bhp) engine from the normal 124, or with the 1438cc (70bhp) from the 124 Special. Two versions were produced, a 2+2-seater and a five-seater, the main difference being in the height of the car, the track and overall length remaining the same. Mechanically they were also identical.
Moretti 124 Coupe (2+2 version at the Geneva Motorshow of 1967)
Moretti 124 Coupe (2+2 version)

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Fiat 125 based cars

Launched in 1967, again at the Turin Motorshow, the 1600GS was a two door, four seater coupe based on the Fiat 125. As with their other coupes of that time, the styling was heavily influenced by the Fiat Dino Spider. It was also available with the mechanicals from either the normal or the special version. In 1969 the styling was revised and the car lost the rounded front and wheelarches, gaining a relatively square front end including four square headlights. From 1971 a further revised (now with the square front end, but four round headlights) version was available with the mechanicals of the 125S.
Moretti GS 1.6 (Fiat 125) Coupe
Moretti GS 1.6 (Fiat 125) Coupe

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Fiat 127 based cars

Moretti 127 CoupeMoretti used the Fiat 127 for three principal variants, a coupe,  the Midimaxi (see below) and the 'Paguro', a commercial vehicle available as a van, a pick-up or a van with windows (see advert below).
The coupe was a five seater, two door weighing 735kg (dry) which used the 47bhp 903cc engine to reach a top speed of 145km/h. Standard fitment included 'sport' seats ("with adjustable headrests meeting US legislation"), carpet for the whole floor, roll bar built into the roof, dual-circuit brakes and a non-reflective dashboard. Optional extras included seatbelts, metallic paint, alloy wheels, electric windows, an alarm and other items.

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Moretti Minimaxi & Midimaxi

Moretti Minimaxi (500 based)First shown in 1971, the Minimaxi cars (based first on the Fiat 500 and later the Fiat 126) were to become the mainstay of Moretti production in the 1970's.

The design was a jeep-like car, complete with forward folding front windscreen, no roof and no doors. A folding canvas roof and canvas doors were available as options should they be required. From 1973 the 126 based Minimaxi became available. The design remained essentially the same, noticeable differences being the addition of a rollover hoop behind the front seats, and the adoption of the square headlights from the 126 (rather than the round 500 units). For the 126 based version there was also offered a hard-top and metal doors with opening windows. For those who required it, a more comprehensive instrument cluster (including revcounter) could also be specified.

To accompany the Minimaxi, also in 1971, Moretti introduced the Midimaxi, based on the Fiat 127. This followed the same idea as its smaller brother, with a completely open, doorless car. A rollover hoop was present behind the front seats, as on the 126 based Minimaxi, and the options were similar to the latter car, with doors, canvas roof and hardtop all being available. The front end of the cars followed the development of the Fiat cars, with first, second and third series versions being built.
Moretti Midimaxi
Moretti Midimaxi with optional hardtop

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Moretti advert fom 1979

Fiat 128/132/Campagnola based cars

Moretti Sporting 4x4 (Fiat Campagnola based)For each model released by Fiat, Moretti produced their special versions. For the Fiat 128 similar offspring to the 127 were built, there being four seat coupes (both fixed roof and targa variants) and a two-seat version, whilst the Fiat 132 was used as the basis for two styles of 4-seat coupe.
The Campagnola chassis and mechanicals were clothed in a Range Rover lookalike body, known as the 'Sporting'.
Moretti also produced luxury versions of the 126, 127 and 128 with extra equipment, more luxurious trim and more options.

Moretti Fiat 132 Coupe (Turin 1972)
Moretti Fiat 132 Coupe (Geneva 1973)

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The newer Fiat based cars

Moretti Panda Rock The last cars which were used by Moretti to produce their limited volume specials were the Panda, Uno and Regata. The Panda 'Rock' convertible had the bodywork behind the B-pillar removed. A canvas roof or a plastic hardtop could be fitted. The Uno 'Folk' had the roof and rear window removed (the C-Pillar and rear side windows remaining, as did bracing across the tops of the B and C-pillars) and replaced by a canvas item, a similar treatment occured to the Regata 'Skipper'.

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Maserati based cars

Moretti Maserati 3500GTIn 1966 at the Geneva Motorshow Moretti displayed a new car based on the Maserati 3500GT chassis and mechanicals. It was a four seat coupe.

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Alfa Romeo based cars

Moretti Folk (Alfa Romeo Giulietta based)In the 1950's Moretti modified Alfa Romeo Giulietta's for individual customers by applying two-tome paintwork, different rear lights, extra chrome trim and other visual improvements. At the Turin Motorshow of 1978 Moretti once again returned to Alfa Romeo displaying a Giulietta estate, known as the 'Folk'. Retaining the overall dimensions of the original berlina, it remained a single example.

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Moretti Fiat 128 Coupe
Moretti Fiat 128 Coupe

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