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This covers the Giulia Berlinas and the rebadged Giulietta Coupes/Spiders.
There are separate pages for the Bertone Coupes, Junior Zagato, TZ and the Spider Duetto.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super June 1962 saw the introduction of the new 105 series, or Giulia, to replace the highly successful Giulietta. Powered by a 1570cc derivative of the Giulietta engine with 92bhp the standard three box, four door berlina (Giulia TI) was a considerably more boxy design than the outgoing Giulietta. It nevertheless had excellent aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of just 0.33 and could reach 166kph (103mph). It was also fitted with a five speed gearbox, still controlled by a column mounted shift. The suspension remained mostly the same as the Giulietta, although the rear was modified to improve the handling.

The other variants on the Giulietta theme, the Spider, Sprint and Sprint Speciale were continued, albeit with the larger engine, and simply rebadged. In the same year, 1962, the Giulia TZ (for Tubolare Zagato) was introduced with a tubular frame supporting the light alloy body, disc brakes all round and independent rear suspension. This was aimed at motorsport where it scored several successes.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super The following year saw the release of the Giulia TI Super, just 500 examples of this were built with 112bhp, discs brakes on all wheels, individual front seats and a floor mounted shift. The four wheel disc brakes became standard on the normal cars in the same year, whilst the floor mounted shift became optional in 1964.

1964 saw several new variants being introduced. The 1300 Sprint was brought out, which was the old 1600 Sprint fitted with the 1300 engine and disc brakes at the front. This was released to fill a gap for a cheaper coupe than the new Sprint GT.

The 1300 Giulia berlina was introduced, this being a Giulia TI fitted with the 78bhp 1300 engine from the Giulietta TI. It was easily recogniseable since it had only two headlights as well as having individual front seats and a floor mounted gearshift. The Giulia 1300 TI arrived a bit later in 1966, with 82bhp and a five speed gearbox. And finally the Giulia 1600 Spider Veloce saw the 1600 engine with 112bhp from the SS being fitted into the old Spider body.

The saloons received a boost in 1965 with the introduction of the new Giulia Super with 98bhp, positioned mid way between the standard TI and the TI Super. Apart from the engine there were numerous small changes made to the detail design, both internally and externally.

Brief mention should also be made of the Giulia GS 4R Zagato, a replica of the vintage 1750 Zagato Gran Sport Spider made on Alfa Romeo Giulia Super cockpit (1968)the Giulia base. A total of 92 were constructed. Another low volume version of the Giulia was the Giardinetta or estate.

A Giulia 1300 Super appeared for the first time in 1970, which then replaced both the Giulia 1300 and 1300 TI.

1971 saw the Giulia Super get a floor mounted handbrake, dual circuit brakes, 102bhp and numerous other changes before in 1974 it was relaunched as the Nuova Super. In 1976 there appeared one of the last versions when a 1760cc Perkins diesel engine with 55bhp was fitted to the Nuova Super. A total of 177,897 Giulia Supers were built between 1965 and 1978 when production stopped, as well as 6,572 diesel powered versions.

Production figures were approximately :
1300 Berlina 28,358
1300 TI 144,213
1300 & 1300 Super 153,274
TI 71,148
TI Super 501
Super 177,897
1300 Spider 7,237
1600 Spider (& Veloce) 18,504

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Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine at front with rear wheel drive
Engines 1570cc (78x82mm) dohc four-cylinder in-line with :
   TI : 92bhp @ 6,000rpm
   TI Super : 112bhp @ 6,500rpm
   Super : 98bhp @ 5,500rpm
   S : 95bhp @ 5,500rpm
1290cc (74x75mm) dohc four-cylinder in-line with :
   1300 : 78bhp @ 6,000rpm
   1300 TI : 82bhp @ 6,000rpm
   Super : 89bhp @ 6,000rpm
1760cc (79.4x88.9mm) Perkins sohc four-cyl diesel with 55bhp @ 4,000rpm
Suspension front : independent with telescopic dampers and coil springs plus anti-roll bar
rear : live axle with telescopic dampers and coil springs
wheelbase : 2510mm
front track : 1310mm (TI, TI Super, 1300, 1300 TI); 1324mm (Super)
rear track : 1270mm (TI, TI Super, 1300, 1300 TI); 1274mm (Super)
Brakes front : discs (drums on some early models)
rear : drums (discs on some models)
handbrake operating on the rear via cable
Gearbox 4 or 5 speed manual
Steering worm and roller
Kerb weight TI : 998kg
Spider : 883kg
1300 : 978kg

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Alfa Romeo Giulia engine - click for larger picture

Model No. Details Engine No. Variant(s)
105.14 Giulia T.I., 1570cc, column shift, from 1962 AR00514
105.16 Giulia T.I. Super, 1570cc, from 1963 AR00516
105.06 Giulia 1300, 1290cc, from 1964 AR00506
105.08 Giulia T.I, 1570cc, floor shift, from 1964 AR00514
105.26 Giulia Super, 1570cc, from 1965 AR00526
105.39 Giulia 1300 T.I., 1290cc, from 1965 AR00539 105.40 rhd
105.85 Giulia 1600S, 1570cc, from 1968 AR00585 105.87 rhd
105.26 Giulia Super, 1570cc, from 1969 AR00526/A
115.09 Giulia 1300 Super, 1290cc, from 1970 AR00530 115.10 rhd
115.09 Giulia Super 1.3, 1290cc, from 1972 AR00530 115.10 rhd
115.09S Nuova Super 1.3, 1290cc, from 1974 AR00530*S
105.26S Nuova Super 1.6, 1570cc, from 1974 AR00526A*S
115.40 Giulia Diesel, 1760cc, from 1976 108U

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I still drive my Nuova Super Gulia 1975 everyday with great pleasure. The noice of the engine is unbeatable and provides me happines.  Great pleasure, except finding spare parts. (H, Switzerland)

Frequently drove a red 1965 Giulia Spider Veloce in central France primarily between Orleans and Paris. On a clear mid week day, did a best average speed of 110 m.p.h. for the distance without incident. Truely one of the most enjoyable drives of the era. (James P, Des P, USA)

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

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