Alfa Romeo 105 Coupés

This covers the Giulia, 1750 and 2000 Bertone Coupes.
There are separate pages for the Giulia berlina, 1750 & 2000 berlinas, GT Junior Zagato, TZ and Spider.

Alfa Romeo GT 1300 JuniorJune 1962 saw the introduction of the new 105 series, but it was not until 1963 that the Giulia Sprint GT was introduced. This was an all new two door coupé designed by Bertone, with similar lines to the bigger 2600 Sprint and based on the mechanicals of the TI berlina but with 106bhp. This replaced the 1600 Sprint in production.

In 1965 the coupé lost its roof with the introduction of the Giulia GTC Cabriolet, a Sprint GT coupe fitted with a soft-top, designed and built by Touring. Unfortunately only about 1000 of these very attractive cars were built.

In the same year the Giulia GTA was released, this was a Sprint GT with a light alloy bodyshell and an engine with two spark plugs per cylinder, a higher compression ratio and twin 45DCOE carburettors generating 115bhp in standard trim and up to 170bhp in competition. A total of 500 GTAs were built for motorsport and scored numerous successes in 1966, 67 and 68 including the European Touring Car Championship in all three years.. A smaller number (10!) were supercharged for use in Group 5 racing in the Giulia GTC UK, Belgium and France in 1967 and 1968. Producing around 220bhp these were known as the GTA-SA (sovralimentato). Interestingly, this engine used twin compressors driven by high pressure oil from an engine mounted oil pump !

The Giulia GTV (Veloce) was introduced in 1966 which coupled the Sprint GT with a 109bhp engine and various other small changes. Another new addition was the GT 1300 Junior which fitted an 89bhp 1300 with twin carburettors and a five speed gearbox into the Sprint GT bodyshell. A lightened version of this appeared in 1968 as the 1300 GTA which incorporated most of the earlier GTA modifications. The engine still displaced 1290cc but with a different bore and stroke, two spark plugs per cylinder, and in competition trim produced some 160bhp, or 165bhp with fuel injection. In total 447 examples of this car were produced.

The Giulia was replaced by the 1750 Berlina in 1968 and at the same time the new, enlarged engine was fitted to the coupe resulting in the 1750 GTV. As well as the new 1779cc engine with 118bhp, the 1750 GTV also gained two extra headlights, an extra 30mm length in the wheelbase and a raft of smaller modifications. The 1750 was also destined for motorsport, but since the rules allowed Alfa Romeo 1750 GTVfor up to 2000cc the engines were bored out to 1985cc and fitted with fuel injection. These cars were known as the 1750 GTAm (m=maggiorata or enlarged). Only 40 of these were produced during 1970 and 71, enough to score a significant number of victories, including the European Touring Car Championship in 1970. For the US market the 1750 GTV was fitted with a SPICA fuel injection system.

Similarly, in 1971 when the new 2000 Berlina was introduced the new engine (now 1962cc with 132bhp) was again fitted to the coupe, making the 2000 GTV which was produced alongside the 1300 and 1750 cars. Minor changes were made both externally and to the internal trim. Some of the 2000 GTV cars were also fitted with a limited slip differential. The GTAm's were also renamed 2000 GTAm to relate to the new model.

The main production models were produced in the following volumes:
Giulia Sprint GT 1963 to 68 21,542
Giulia Sprint GTV 1965 to 68 14,240
1750 GTV 1967 to 73 44,269
2000 GTV 1971 to 76 37,459
GT 1300 Junior 1966 to 76 91,195
GT 1600 Junior 1972 to 76 14,299

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Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Veloce (1967) - click for larger image Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Veloce (1967) - click for larger image
Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Veloce (1967) - click for larger image
Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Veloce (1967) - click for larger image

Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine at front with rear wheel drive
Engines (road) 1300 : 1290cc (74x75mm) dohc four cylinder in-line with 89bhp
1600 : 1570cc (78x82mm) dohc four cylinder in-line with 106bhp (109bhp in GTV)
1750 : 1779cc (80x88.5mm) dohc four cylinder in-line with 118bhp
2000 : 1962cc (84x88.5mm) dohc four cylinder in-line with 132bhp
Suspension  front : independent with telescopic dampers and coil springs plus anti-roll bar
rear : live axle with telescopic dampers and coil springs
wheelbase : 2350mm
front track : Giulia models 1310mm, 1750 & 2000 models 1324mm
rear track : Giulia models 1270mm, 1750 & 2000 models 1274mm
Brakes front : discs
rear : drums (discs on some models)
handbrake operating on the rear via cable
Gearbox 4 or 5 speed manual

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

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model max speed 0-100 kph standing km braking from 100kph
Giulia Sprint GT 182 kph 12.5 sec 33.8 sec 61.5 m
Giulia Sprint GT Veloce 187 kph 10.0 sec 31.4 sec 50.0 m
Giulia GT 1300 Junior 173 kph 12.3 sec 33.9 sec 52.3 m
1750 GTV 118 mph 9.3 sec
2000 GTV 121 mph 9.1 sec

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Model No. Details Engine No.
105.02 Giulia Sprint GT, 1570cc, from 1963 AR00502
105.25 Giulia GTC, cabrio by Touring, 1570cc, from 1964 AR00502
105.32 Giulia Sprint GTA, 1570cc, from 1965 AR00502/A or AR00532/A
105.36 Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, 1570cc, from 1965 AR00536
105.30 GT 1300 Junior, 1290cc, from 1966 AR00530
105.44 1750 GT Veloce, 1779cc, from 1967 AR00548
105.39 GTA 1300 Junior, 1290cc, from 1968 AR00559
105.21 2000 GT Veloce, 1962cc, from 1971 AR00512
115.03 GT 1600 Junior, 1570cc, from 1972 AR00536
115.34 GT 1600 Junior, 1570cc, from 1974 AR00526/A*S

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Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
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Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
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Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
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Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
800x600 pixels
1024x768 pixels
Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
800x600 pixels
1024x768 pixels
Giulia Coupé at the 2002 Castelli Pavesi
800x600 pixels
1024x768 pixels

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The 1750 GT Veloce is one of the greatest cars I've ever driven.  Photo's really don't do this car justice, you have to walk around one and sit in the drivers seat before you really appreciate this Bertone masterpiece. And driving one is pure enjoyment. Like all alfa's, the engine is eager and responsive and sings like a true thoroughbred.  The twin weber double overhead cam inline 4 is a true champion. The gearbox, handling and brakes are brilliant. I really can't fault this car, if you enjoy driving, you'll love a 1750, a true classic in every sense. Alfa...awesome!! (Gianni, Australia)

As the owner of a 64 coupe, I can testify from the attention it receives, truly the most beautiful of the Alfa coupes. (Dino, USA)

Believe it or not my day car is a 1750 gtv from 1969... I've got 25 years old and I will keep my gtv forever. Better than new cars for sure. (Pedro M, Portugal)

The Alfa 1750 GTV is an authentic market masterpiece. A big taste of Italian thoroughbreed feel with early 90's GTI practicality, designed 40 years ago ! And the Bertone shape will last forever... as well as the interior configuration and driving position. This car should be a case study for designers, engineers & CEO's ... I invite any car lover to feel at least once in life a good/suave-smooth/hard & blast out drive with this jewel in any type of road and pls. don't forget the luggage, it might take some time to come back... (Santos, Spain)

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Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV

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