Alfa Romeo Junior Z

Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato 1600Introduced at the Turin Motorshow of 1969, the Junior Z (or GT 1300 Junior Zagato, to give it its full name) was effectively a GT1300 Junior with a new body designed by Zagato. It thus had the same dohc 1290c engine mounted at the front driving the rear wheels through the same transmission, whilst the wheelbase was that of the Spider. A two seat coupe, it was the body which made it stand out, especially the novel front 'grille', a single piece of perspex with the grille cut out and allowing cooling air in.

In November 1972, at the Turin Motorshow, the new 1600 Junior Zagato was released. Using the updated Giulia 1600 mechanicals it also differed from its earlier brother in minor detailing such as the rear lights, bumpers, dashboard, tailpipe and lettering. Production continued until 1975.

Total production volumes were :
1300 : 1108
1600 : 402

There are separate pages for the Giulia Berlinas, Bertone Coupes, Giulia TZ and the Spider Duetto.

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Technical Details
Driveline longitudinal engine at front with rear wheel drive
Engine 1290cc (74x75mm) dohc 4 cylinder with 89bhp @ 6,000rpm
1570cc (78x82mm) dohc 4 cylinder with 109bhp @ 6,000rpm
Suspension  front : double wishbone with coil springs and telescopic dampers plus anti-roll bar
rear : independent with coil springs and telescopic dampers (anti-roll bar from 1750)
wheelbase : 2250mm
track (front/rear) : 1324mm/1274mm
Brakes front : discs
rear : discs
dual circuit with assistance
Gearbox 5 speed manual
Steering Recirculating ball
Kerb weight 1300 : 920kg
1600 : 950kg

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1600 Junior Zagato Identification
Model No. Details Engine No.
105.93 1290cc, from 1970 AR00530
115.24 1570cc, from 1972 AR00536*S


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1600 Junior Zagato
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